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Deer Ridge Trail

Hike Name: Deer Ridge Trail
Location: northwest WA
Length: 5
Submitted by: Ryan Burn
Date Submitted: 0/0/00
Rating: 4 stars out of 3
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It is a very nice trail, very impressive scenery above the tree line. Once you reach the end of this hike there is many other trails that you can take if you wish to go father. This is a one way trail with a total altitude gain of 2,540ft. I highly recommend it as a day hike.

Directions to Hike
This route a combination of parts of three roads, begins 0.2 mi/0.3 km west of the Dungeness River, on US 101. The first road is called the Taylor Cutoff. After following it 2.6 mi/4.2 km, the route turns right onto Road 2875, which leads to Slab Camp in the Olympic National Forest.

Contact Information
Olympic National Park 360-452-0330

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