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Lake Angeles Fishing

"Gee, you'd think this rain would have stopped by now," my friend Greg Relf said, as we hiked the trail into Lake Angeles in the Olympic Mountains . . .

From the moment we stepped from our car, a 1957 Chev, at Heart O' The Hills near the town of Port Angeles, it began to rain. Thinking ahead, I put on my hipboots rather than hiking boots for the 4 mile trek ahead. Greg opted for his hiking boots. Together, we climbed the trail enroute for Lake Angeles in the falling rain and cloudy mist that encircled the mountain we were on.

Upon arriving, we discovered the lake to be socked in the fog. Down to the lake we rushed with fishing rods readied and proceeded to cast away out into the deep-blue depths. Soon, we both had fish on.....all brookies on the small side, fun to catch though. We then noticed smoke coming from the camp above in the trees, so we headed up to it for a chance at some camp fire warmth. And Lo, camped here was an old friend from junior high school.....Dave Elphant. "Welcome," he said. "Come dry yourselves."

Dave and his nephews had been camped here for about three days with little fishing luck, but they hadn't been using flies like Greg and I had. And Dave complained he'd sure like to have some fish to fry....."I'll trade you a steak lunch for some fish." Soon, Dave and his nephews were cooking lunch (steak, potatotes, and coffee) so Greg and I went back down to the lake and proceeded to catch his limit and more. When we came back with a mess of fish, lunch was served to us and we wolfed it down. Dave got his fish and we got our bellies full, not to mention our skins dry, too. As we bid goodbyes, the fish began to fry.

Later, about 2 miles down the trail, Greg stated, "damn, I left my fly box on that stump after showing Dave what kind of fly to use." Flies I had tied for Greg as a present.

We concluded it was too late in the day to go back and my feet were too tired from hiking in hipboots, so o'l Dave now had a full fly box to catch all the trout with and many more in years to come. Needless to say, Dave got the best end of the deal we had struck for lunch, but we had full warm bellies and didn't need to buy any dinner that night.......


July 15, 1969

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