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Hurricane Ridge

Park: Olympic National Park

2.0 km loop.

Terrain: Gentle
Approximate Elevations (in meters)
Start: 1593 End: 1593
Minimum: 1593 Maximum: 1625
Net Gain: 32 Cumulative Gain: 32

Hurricane Ridge Trailhead: Drive south on Blanshard St for 4.9km to Belleville St. Follow this for about 1km to the ferry terminal. Take the Coho ferry to Port Angeles and then take the Hurricane Ridge Road, which begins just beyond the Olympic National Park Headquarters building, to the summit of Hurricane Ridge (28.2km).

Facilities available at the trailhead include:


Cross-country ski Beginner.   Best from mid December thru mid April.
Dayhike 1 boot (easy).   Best from mid June thru mid October.


This trail features flowers, meadows, mountains and views.


See also "Hurricane Hill Lookout Trail".

Club Comments

Check ferry schedule to ensure sufficient sailings.


No report available report for this trail.

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