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 Victoria Club Tread

Grand Ridge

Park: Olympic National Park

12.2 km point to point.

Terrain: Moderately gentle
Elevations (in meters)
Start: 1594 End: 1859
Minimum: 1550 Maximum: 2062
Net Gain: 512 Cumulative Gain: 512


Transportation is required at both ends.

Deer Park Trailhead: Drive south on Blanshard St for 4.9km to Belleville St. Follow this for about 1km to the ferry terminal. Drive 7.7 km east from Port Angeles on WA#101 to Deer Park Road, turn right and follow this 25.8 km to the summit). This road is narrow and steep, climbing more than a mile. The last 17 km are unpaved.

Facilities available at the trailhead include:

Obstruction Point Trailhead: ( 44 km from Saanich Hall, 12 km on logging roads, ferry required). Drive south on Blanshard St for 4.9km to Belleville St. Follow this for about 1km to the ferry terminal. Take the ferry to Port Angeles. From the ferry terminal take North Laurel south to East 1st Street, turn left onto East 1st and drive to South Race Street. Turn right and follow South Race past the Olympic National Park Visitors Center. Turn right on Hurricane Ridge Road and drive to the summit (27.9 km from start of road) take Obstruction Point Road (a narrow dirt road with steep drop offs) east 12.1 km to Obstruction Point.

Facilities available at the trailhead include:

Access restrictions: Snow may preclude access into early July or, in severe snow years, the beginning of August. Check with Olympic National Park (information line - (360) 565-3130 or Wilderness Information Center - (360) 565-3100).


Dayhike 3 boot (moderate).   Best from late June thru early September.


Although starting from Deer Park makes the hike more challenging (there is a net elevation gain) the best views are always in front of you and you avoid the park entrance fee. Depending on snow level, the road to Obstruction Point may not be open until late July.


This trail features meadows, mountains and views.

Club Comments

Check Coho ferry suitability as require 4 sailings per day to make this trip feasible as a Club Tread event. Possible to do on a 3 sailings per day schedule providing Obstruction Point Road is clear of snow.




No report available report for this trail.

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