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Mt. Skokomish Wilderness

Hood Canal Ranger District - Olympic National Forest
The Mt. Skokomish Wilderness is located in the southeast portion of the Olympic National Forest, north of Lake Cushman in Mason County. This Wilderness includes very steep terrain ranging in elevation from 800 feet near Lake Cushman to the 6,612-foot summit of Mt. Stone. Other major peaks include Mt. Skokomish 6,434', Henderson 6,000', Pershing 6,154', and Washington 6,255'. Barren ridges and numerous steepfaced rock outcrops are present throughout this Wilderness.

Stands of old-growth occur on the lower slopes consisting primarily of Douglas-fir, western hemlock and western red cedar. At the upper elevations, subalpine fir and western white pine give way to rock and scattered alpine vegetation commonly found in the subalpine and alpine zones.

The Hamma Hamma River is the only major stream flowing through the Wilderness. Mildred Lakes are a popular destination in the Wilderness.

Size: 13,015 acres
Elevation Range: 800' to 6,612'
Wilderness Permit: None Required
Key Access Points:
State Route 119 (Lake Cushman) and F.S. Rd. 25 (Hamma Hamma Rd.)
Mildred Lakes Trail #822
Mt. Rose Trail #814
Putvin Trail #813

Recreation Opportunities
The Mt. Skokomish Wilderness has excellent opportunities for backpacking, mountain climbing, fishing, and camping.

There are over 13 miles of trail inside the Mt. Skokomish Wilderness. The Mildred Lakes Trail is a primitive trail that has extremely steep pitches and is the major access into the Wilderness. The elevation gain on this trail is 2,100 feet and it is 4.5 miles in length. The Mt. Rose Trail, 4.8 miles, provides steep access to the summit of Mt. Rose at the southern end of the Wilderness. The Putvin Trail, 3 miles, accesses the north portion of the Wilderness and is also very steep. All three trails are most difficult.

Wilderness visitors should always carry rain gear and adequate clothing, food, and backpacking equipment. Proper boots and clothing should be worn.

Notice: Fires above 3,500 feet elevation and groups consisting of more than 12 persons and/or 8 livestock are prohibited within the Wilderness. Fires are prohibited at Mildred Lakes. Stoves only.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 17 May 2011

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