Enchanted Valley Chalet History of Olympic National Park

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The Enchanted Valley Chalet is historically significant as an example of rustic architecture and recreational development in the western United States. Today it is the largest log structure in the Olympic Mountains and is the only surviving example of backcountry commercial developments within the park. It is significant to the local communities in Quinault and the Grays Harbor area because of its historical association with longtime residents such as the Olson family and members of The Olympians hiking club. Architecturally, the building retains a high degree of integrity in its remote location, setting, vernacular design, materials, fine craftsmanship, and feeling. Furthermore, the Chalet is a valuable illustration of how people impacted the Olympics throughout the nineteenth century, including exploration, settlement, resource exploitation, recreational development, national defense, and wilderness stewardship.

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Appendix B - Historic Photos

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Appendix D - Enchanted Valley Chalet Historical Timeline

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