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Book Excerpts

"There! Right there!" "Right there, what?" I asked. "The place," Emily said with emotion... If Sarah selected this location, I thought, she did so because each season provided its own magic.

 Early Spring flourished with beautiful green trees, huge blue spruce trees, wild grass, and flowers.

During the Winter months, trees, softly dusted with snow, would make the grove look like a winter wonderland.

From this vantage point Sarah would be able to see the park where a cool stream quietly meandered and people play with their animals.

A world-without-end

Preoccupied with the thought of having Sarah put to sleep, I was hit with a wave of tears. The visualization of Sarah no longer a part of my life became more vivid. I began to pace the floor, wondering if I should call our new parish priest. Perhaps he would ease my pain with some wise, comforting words or sound advice on whether or not we had the right to have Sarah euthanized. Then again, he might think I was crazy to be upset over the death of a dog; that I was being childish, fretting over having her put to sleep. Hopefully, he would be sensitive to my grief over the anticipation of her death.
With hesitation, I dialed the parish number. Through controlled sobs, Father listened quietly as I explained Sarah's situation. To my relief, he did not think I was being foolish, his response was "As Sarah's friends, we needed to help end her suffering. Unlike our human friends," he continued, "whom, because of their souls, we do not have the right to help." Not sure I understood, I asked if he meant there was no dog heaven. With a firm conviction, he said, "Dogs do not go to heaven or anywhere. They have no souls." Having said this, he then sympathetically offered to accompany George and me to the veterinarian's clinic when the time was right for having Sarah put to sleep.
I wanted to end our conversation right then. My Sarah has the most gentle and loving spirit and I could not deal with the idea that it would cease to exist when and if we decided to have her put to sleep. I thanked Father for his time and support, hung up the phone and just sat there. How could he know? Even if he didn't, just by his raising the question of soulessness to me, he pushed me deeper into depression.