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About The Book

Churches throughout the world offer little comfort to grieving owners of dying or deceased pets. This fact is brought to light when Sarah's owners seek comfort from their priest who presents them with the overwhelming opinion that animals are soulless.

The Watsons send this message: In the absence of comforting spiritual leadership there is a need for animal stories that deal with death. To uplift one another each of us need to share our personal experiences. One way to do this is through the telling of dreams. Having dreams of our animals can be reassuring and spiritually healing.

DOGS HAVE SOULS TOO is such a vignette; it gives the reader an intimate look at the late life and end of life relationship in the human-canine bond. As you read her story, Miss Sarah will speak to your soul! George and Emily's interest in how late life and end of life patterns affect the care giver and care recipient led them to write THE CALLING A Journey on the Path of Parent Care (http://www.call-pmd.com/) ISBN: 1-888106-90-5. When their heightened interest in late life and end of life issues crossed over the barrier of person to person relationship to person to pet relationship, they were led to write DOGS HAVE SOULS TOO The Spirit of Miss Sarah . Their story begins in the early morning hours, of the night following Sarah's death. Sarah appears in Emily's dream to assure Emily that she is OK, and more importantly, to send her and George on a quest. Once completed, in a special place and a special way, Sarah pledges to give comfort to those who grieve over the loss of their pet.

The reader is taken back to when Sarah was first found at the animal shelter where she was about to receive a life-ending injection and how Emily's timing saved her from that terrible fate. From there the Watsons continue with the anecdotes of Sarah's companionship and how she etched her way into George's heart, a heart that was once off limits to any canine relationship.

Throughout Miss Sarah's story it is easy to see lessons on friendship, patience and unconditional love unfold. Her story also deals with the most difficult issue of all, the one different from the story of man - when to euthanize. DOGS HAVE SOULS TOO takes the reader through life, death, and the dream beyond, ending after Sarah demonstrates the power of faith, love and a special place.