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Olympics 2004-2005

Lower Lena Lake March 14-15, 2004

My first backpack of 2004!!

It all started with me discovering that the cat had peed on my pack! Gross. I headed out early and met up with Rainrunner at Sarbar's place.   Synchro was rushing us off...Hmmm...who was he expecting?  

We got to the trailhead fairly early. Fogduo and her grandson, Christopher, had hiked in the night before. We did a little rearranging of packs, I handed out gifts     and Rainrunner offered to carry the 5 pound hunk of rocky road fudge that Sarbar had made for us. YUM!   We're so spoiked!!   The trail to the lake seemed so much easier for me this time! (Last time I was here, my hiking partner spained his ankle on the way out.) and it only took us a few hours to reach the lake. The looks on peoples' faces as they walked by, smelling my amonia-perfumed pack, was pretty darn funny. I had one dog that wouldn't stop barking at me. lol.


At the first good overlook of the lake we ran into this guy. Ford, being his friendly self started talking to him, of course! It took me a minute or two before I realized that it was WrongBridge! One of the missing parts of our PNWH   group. He fits right in with the rest of us. The view of the lake was nice, but we wanted to find Fogduo and our camp for the night.

Which we did quickly. We chose the site next to hers. Sarbar had to read the directions on how to put up her tent and WrongBridge apparently set up on a slope! I found out that my thermarest has a hole in it.     Rainrunner set up in the trees, which ended up being the best choice. We spent the evening telling stories, eating fudge and drinking adult beverages. I tried to set camp on fire with white gas and found out the hard way the saw on my pocket knife is really sharp!


In the morning, I woke up to the sound of rain on the roof of the tent and WrongBridge and Sarbar walking around. The girls treated WrongBridge to some inappropriate breakfast stories before breaking camp. We broke camp early and headed out, but not before stopping for more photos. The sun came out on the way down the trail and I even got a bit of a sunburn!     What a beautiful day! We were home by 1pm.

Hoh River April 10-11 2004

Turtle and I left Seattle around 6:30 on Friday. We rolled into camp around midnight . A couple of stops for dinner and gas, and deciding to avoid the ferry line after all. At around 11 we were flying around Lake Crescent . Hoosierdaddy called to check on our status and I needed both hands to drive, so tossed the phone to Turtle. Nope, not speeding at all officer.     Those corners around the lake are FUN!!        

It was kinda weird to see the Hoh in such dry conditions. This is only the second time I've hiked in the rainforest when it wasn't raining and never this early in the season! It was so warm out all weekend! The sun shining through the trees and the moss was beautiful though. And the big trees! < SIGH > The trail past 5 mile island is going to need some work this year...   There was one major washout about 7 miles or so in. That was fun :p There were also some wonderful views of the Hoh Burn and High Divide. Makes me want to get up there again this year

Lunch was at 5 mile island. Awesome views of Mt.Tom!   Rainrunner, Adam and d3fold beat us to camp. We set up at Olympus Guard Station, a beautiful spot, right near the river. There was a dead carcass of something nearby. YUCK! Every
now and then we'd catch a whiff of it as the wind changed. We got to meet McPuck and his buddy, and it looks like
Skagit and Ldyblade will be come a regular Posse members.    Trilliums and yellow violets were in full bloom Pretty.


Hoosierdaddy and Rainrunner decided that 10 miles wasn't enough for them, so they hit the switchbacks going up to Hoh Lake . Not me.. I took a wonderful nap in the sun and pigged out on snacks.




I definitely need a new sleeping bag. I got cold Saturday night then my legs started to cramp up. Needless to say I did NOT get a good nights sleep. It didn't help that the early morning wankers I hike with decided to have breakfast right outside our  tent at 6am !! Wassup wid dat guys?! I finally gave up and rolled out of bed at 6:30am ... and VERY cranky. GIVE ME COFFEE!!   But then the stove wouldn't work... Grrrr... So rainrunner loaned us her stove so Turtle could have her oatmeal and me my coffee. Breakfast was a nummy bagel Sarbar had brought me from Olympic Bagel in Port Angeles . YUM!  

Around 8 or so, Turtle, Hoosierdaddy and I hit the trail. Hoosier is one of the speed demons, but he was nice enough to hang with us. Lunch was at 5 Mile Island with some fantabulous views of Mt.Tom. We heard a momma and baby elk bugling to each other, but never saw them. Poor Hoosierdaddy got to hear all kinds of ridiculous girl talk (again!)

When we got back to the trailhead, Fogduo surprised us with cold beers!! OMG!! Then we all went and had a late lunch at the  Hard Rain Café. That place is so cute! Then it was the LONG ride home... We opened the sunroof, cranked the good tunes and enjoyed the ferry ride.

Hoh River "Meet Mike Hike"August 7-8 2004


This was such a fun trip! A big group of us hike into 5 mile island to meet up with Mike as he finished his 30-day Olympics Trek. He was on a mission to find Service Falls. I brought him dinner, candy and wine. He had lost a TON of weight, and his gear looked like it had been through hell and back. I guess there is nothing like spending that many days off-trail in the Olympics! What an accomplishment!

In attendance: myself, GoBlueHiker (the big trekster), WrongBridge, Pixie, Fogduo and Cody and SeaCoyote.

The weather was beautiful and as the evening progressed, we started sipping wine and swapping stories. WrongBridge had brought some of his mother's Dandelion Wine; a first for me. It was very yummy! Hehehe... Dinner was white shells and cheese with smoked salmon, basil   and corn. YUM!!!! The hike out the next day was a quick one, but Fogduo surprised us with ice cold beers when we got back to the vehicles. Then it was off to the Hard Rain Cafe for more stories and grubbing salmon burgers. GoBlueHiker finished off everyone's leftovers.

Ozette Cheese War February 2005
This was called the Cheese War because Pixie and myself had a heated debate about     who was bringing the parmesan cheese to our pasta potluck! Yup that's right, we hiked in fresh pasta, sauce, shredded parm, Caesar salad, and homemade beer/cheese foccacia. And of course Sarbar brought her famous fudge. This time it was peanut butter fudge with mini marshmallows. Yum!

Once out there,   we found Pixie had already scooped out the campsites.   I decided to set up camp   with her while the rest of the crew hiked just a little further to a bigger site.   Both sites had wonderful ocean views. At high tide the waves were crashing a mere 30 feet from   our tents. Ahhhh... peaceful.  

    We watched the deer up on Sand Point (a large grass covered sea stack) grazing.   We all took   some nice pictures of their silhouettes up there. Ford and I wandered around looking at the   tide pools and the critters in them.   Dinner was excellent! Several different kinds of pasta and sauce, bread and fudge for dessert. BURP!   After dinner we all climbed up Sand Point   for some lovely views of the sunset. Later, we sat around drinking our libations of choice, talking and enjoying the beautiful ocean with the fishing boats out on the water.

It was a chilly night, but I was cozy in my Marmot bag.   After breakfast and some exploring, the posse headed out and left   Pixie for her   wait for low tide. She was hiking to Cape Alava to meet friends.   We made a manditory stop in Port Angeles for some seriously grubbing Mexican food. Mileage total for the weekend was about a whopping 6 miles.