Third Beach Trail


Ecosystem Type: Coastal forest
Trail Tread Types: Well maintained
General Elevation Trend: Mostly flat
Unique Features:

Trail Information

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.4 miles
Elevation Change: Almost none
Best Season: All year
Connecting Trails: South Coast Beach Travelway, Oil City Trail
Stock: Closed to stock

Special Concerns

Leave No Trace: Please Leave No Trace of your stay to help protect park resources and to prevent further camping regulations. Camp in established sites or on the beach above the high tide line.

Fires: Gather firewood from the beach only not from the forest.

Wildlife Precautions: Save the Bears! Please learn how to properly secure your food to protect bears and yourself. Do not feed any wild animals! Food must be stored in a hard-sided container on the entire Olympic Coast. Containers may be rented at the Lost Resort near Ozette or at the 3-Rivers Resort near Mora.

Safety: Boardwalk trails are very slippery when wet. Headland trails, marked by orange and black targets, bypass areas that are impassable due to terrain or high tides. Some trails require climbing rope ladders which can be hazardous. Be wary of loose rocks that can fall from above. Rocks and logs can be slippery and can tip or roll. Always hike with a tide chart. Creek crossings may be hazardous. Use caution!

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