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Third Beach to Oil City

Park: Olympic National Park , Pacific Coast region

24.6 km one way.
Approximate Elevations (in meters)
Start: 70 End: 0
Minimum: 0 Maximum: 75
Net Gain: 75 Cumulative Gain:  
3rd Beach 3rd Beach
3rd Beach Sunset Strawberry Point
3rd Beach Ladder


Transportation is required at both ends.

Third Beach Trailhead: ( 115 km from Saanich Hall, ferry required). Drive west from Port Angeles on WA#101 turning right onto WA#110 about 1.5km north of the town of Forks, drive about 15 km to the signed trailhead. (A $0 parking fee is charged.)

Facilities available at the trailhead include:

Oil City Trailhead: Drive west from Port Angeles on WA#101 to Oil City Road, about 27km south of Forks. Follow this road to the trail head which is at the very end.


Backpack Moderate (backcountry permit required, fee charged). 3 days one way. Suitable all year.


Unconfirmed reports suggest that starting in May 2001 permits will no longer be available at the trailhead, they must be picked up in Forks.

This is a lovely backpack down a series of beaches on the outer Washington State Coast.

The following description is for hiking south from Third Beach to Oil City. The hike starts with a pleasant hike of around 1.5km through the rain forest to the Third Beach, a lovely, sandy wilderness beach from which you"ll have spectacular views of the Giant"s Graveyard. You continue south along the beach looking for a ladder and marker on the slope. The climb up this section is moderately difficult with a full pack, the ladder isn"t secured but the rope helps. Shortly after this ladder there is a second one, shorter but steeper than the first. Once up this you hike about 2km through the rain forest again until you reach the shore. Try to time this so you arrive with at least a 4.5 foot tide as the overland route around this headland is very steep and doesn"t appear in good shape. Continue south along the beach another 1km until you come to Strawberry Point. This point can only be rounded on a very low tide, most of the time you will have to use the overland route. The end of this section brings you to a good campsite on the south side of the point.

The next section of the trail is easy with a couple of minor tide considerations. Toleak Point is the next official campsite, 1.5km distant. Not long after the point the trail goes inland again crossing a creek (ford required, usually pretty minor). Once through this section (a long one) you are out on the beach again and headed south to Mosquito Creek. The crossing of this creek can be tricky, try to cross at low tide. At one time it was possible, via a longish detour, to cross the creek inland on some logs. There is no guarantee this route is still available.

If you have very low tides the next section can be hiked on the beach, a very nice alternative to the long inland route. You have to be alert to spot the marker for the trail up the headland that leads you back to the inland route.

UPDATE: July 2007: The extreme low tide route at Hoh Head is closed due to washout; please use the overland trail between Mosquito Creek and Jefferson Cove instead.

This route eventually puts you back on the final beach section. The first part of this is fairly good with few tide considerations but about half way down the beach there is a rocky section which requires favorable tides to round. Once through this section you come to a section with many logs tossed up on the beach. You are now near the Hoh River and Oil City which is a short distance inland from the beach (no oil, no city).


This trail features animals (Coastal black-tailed deer, Raccoon), beaches, birds (Bald Eagle, Brown Pelican, Golden eagle), forests, marine mammals (Grey whale), natural wonders (Sea stacks), views, waterfalls and Sea stacks, tide pools.



Racoons can be a big problem along this trail. The Parks Service recommends carrying plastic buckets for hanging your food.

Campsites along the trail

Third Beach Approx 1.5 km 0 meters
  • Fire boxes
  • Pit toilet
Water is unknown.
Scott Creek Approx 3.5 km 0 meters
  • Fire boxes
  • Pit toilet
Water is unknown.
Strawberry Point Approx 4.5 km 0 meters
  • Fire boxes
Water is available.
Toleak Point Approx 6.0 km 0 meters
  • Pit toilet
Water is unknown.
Mosquito Creek Approx 18.0 km 0 meters
  • Fire boxes
  • Pit toilet
Water is unknown.
Jefferson Cove Approx 22.0 km 0 meters
  • Fire boxes
Water is unknown.


There are several creeks along the route, some may dry in the summer. Treat all water.

For additional information see:

Tide predictions for La Push -


No trail condition report for this trail.

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