1949 Historical Map of Olympic National Park

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1949 Map of Olympic National Park

1949 ONP Map

Posted with permission of the author. Information printed on the back of the map is shown below.

1949 ONP Map 1949 ONP Map 1949 ONP Map 1949 ONP Map 1949 ONP Map

1949 ONP Map 1949 ONP Map 1949 ONP Map 1949 ONP Map

This 1949 map was drawn by landscape architect and Park ranger Frederick Leissler, who was to go on to publish the book "Roads and Trails of Olympic National Park" in 1957. This was the first detailed guide to Park trails, and proved so popular that new editions were issued in 1965, 1971, 1976 and 1981.

Due to severe cuts in NPS funding during World War II, over 300 miles of trails inherited from the USFS in 1938 had been abandoned by the time this map was issued in 1949. Almost all of the trails on this 1949 map remain on the 1957 USGS map. Only a few additional trails (listed below) have been abandoned since (although most of the Park's trails then were, but are no longer, maintained to stock standards).

So this guide fills a gap in the Park's trail history, between the prewar maps (the detailed 1938 USFS map and the 1941 NPS guide) and the detailed 1957 USGS map. Some points of interest are listed below.

Shelters (67 sites, some having more than one shelter)
Lillian, Baltimore Camp, Little Elkhorn, Elkhorn, Hayes, Camp Wilder, Chicago Camp, Low Divide
Halfway Rock, Heather Park, Idaho, Deer Park
Slab Camp, Camp Colonel, Camp Tony, Gray Wolf, Three Forks, Falls, Moose Lake
Cedar Spg. (Boulder)
Dose Forks, Camp Marion, Diamond Mdw., Anderson Pass,
Camp Collins, Five Mile, Ten Mile, Upper Duckabush
Lower Lena Lake
Flapjack Lakes, Camp Pleasant, Nine Stream, Home Sweet Home
Graves Creek, Graves Creek Basin
O'Neil Cr.
Wolf Bar, Francis Cr., Three Lakes, Three Prune
Spruce Bottom, Bob Cr., Pelton Cr., Sams Cr., Tshletshy
Happy Four, Olympus, Hoh Lake, Elk Lake, Mt. Tom, Big Flat
Bogachiel, Flapjack, Fifteen Mile, Hyak, Twenty-One Mile, Calawah, Sitkum, Hyas
Soleduck Falls, Upper Soleduck, Deer Lake
Sourdough, North Fork Soleduck, Boulder Lake,

Campgrounds later closed
Olympic Hot Springs, Waterhole, Dosewallips, July Creek, Lapoel

Ranger Stations later closed
Heart O' the Hills, Dose Meadows, Graves Creek, North Fork, Queets, Bogachiel, Lapoel

Trails depicted, later abandoned
Cox Valley (full length), Mt. Lincoln, Smith Lake, upper Queets (Pelton to Hee Hee), Sams River, Tshletshy, Mount Tom, upper South Fork Hoh, North Snider-Jackson (Sitkum to Soleduck)

Lookouts depicted, later removed
Hurricane Hill, Blue Mt., Bogachiel Peak
(Dodger Point survives, Pyramid Peak is not depicted)

Resorts depicted, later closed
Waumilla Lodge, Olympic Hot Springs Resort, Deer Park ski lodge, Staircase Resort, Camp Kiwanis (?, north shore Lake Quinault), Kelly's Ranch (Queets), Ashenbrenner's Pioneer Camp, Ruby Beach Resort, Harvey B. Smith's (Mora), Lenoir's Cabin Camp (Fairholm), Arcadia, Sunnybank, Bonnie Brae, Ovington's, Lapoel Resort, Rosemary Inn (now Naturebridge), Beardlee Bay Camp, Piedmont Resort, Storm King Inn.

Packing services, later closed
Elwha, Heart O' the Hills, Staircase, Queets, Sol Duc Hot Springs (Minnie Peterson)
(only those packers based in NPS facilities are listed; others were available for most trailheads)

Curiously, Low Divide and Enchanted Valley chalets are not depicted on this map. This incomplete list of facilities that would be removed or closed highlights the dramatic transition then occurring between prior USFS and ongoing NPS management of the Olympics. And it may give us an opportunity to contemplate the open question: whether this change has enhanced visitors' wilderness experience, or detracted from it by making the Park less accessible to fewer people?

Thanks to Olympic NP archivist Gay Hunter for locating this guide.

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